To Know Me, Is To Love Me...Just Because!

iMatter Campaign

In a world that is faster than the Indy 500 now, women are at the center of this whirlwind performing a juggling act: CEO, COO, CIO, "soccer mom", friend, wife, employee, you name it! "Supermom" (a.k.a. Superwoman) is at the forefront pleasing everyone but herself, with only one thing in common: STRESS.

When do you ever take time out for yourself, to pamper your self, or just stop to smell the roses? Probably never. There are 7 days in the week, and giving yourself 1 day will restore, replenish, refresh, and help eliminate stress for the betterment of SELF, mind, body, spirit, and family.

Let’s stop the CRACRA, and let’s get inspired to Love Self.  Lovin Self, LLC was birth out of my inner core of being a happy, joyous, friendly, and loving person toward others and self.  Also known as Miss Sunshine.  What you put forth is what you will get back.  You give happy, you get happy; you give ugliness, you get stress back.  Yes, I have experienced challenges in my life; but I am hopeful and a pure optimist.  God will NEVER put too much on you that you can’t handle or bear.  NEVER GIVE UP; and keep hitting that rock…it will eventually crack (my favorite).  

My rock has cracked on so many levels: I'm an Entrepreneur, my Lovin Self, and 2BMe are my official USPTO Trademark Brands. My 2BMe Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories Line (2BMe – “To Know Me…Is To Love Me…Just Because”) are available for Licensing, iMatter – Essential Bath Salts. A Children's Book - To Be Brave, To Be Fearless, I AM, will launch soon!  “Awesome – Sauce!”

The key ingredient to ever Loving others; must start at the core and root of Lovin Self first.  Most likely, if you hate SELF, you will dislike others, can’t forgive, or have a problem with folks on GP (general principle).  LOVE is the root of ALL happiness, joyous moments, and “liked” individuals. 

Cashmere Petals

Warm Orchid

Fresh Peonies

Calming Lemongrass

Blue Lagoon

Bath Salts 

2BMe -Clothing

2BMe - Jewelry 2BMe - Accessories