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Let’s stop the CRACRA, and let’s get inspired to Love on Self.  Lovin Self, LLC was birth out of my inner core of being a happy, joyous, friendly, and loving person toward others, and self.  Also known as Miss Sunshine.  What you put forth is what you will get back.  You give happy, you get happy; you give ugliness, you get stress back.  Yes, I have experienced challenges in my life; but am ALWAYS hopeful and a pure optimist.  God will NEVER put too much on you that you can’t handle or bear.  NEVER GIVE UP; and keep hitting that rock…it will eventually crack (my favorite).  

My rock has cracked on so many levels: An Entrepreneur, Lovin Self Website Launched, Jewelry Line (2BMe – “To Know Me…Is To Love Me…Just Because”), iMatter – Essential Bath Salts, and a Children's Book - To Be Brave, To Be Fearless, I Am Me!  “Awesome – Sauce!”

The key ingredient to ever Loving others; must start at the core, and root of Lovin Self first.  If you hate SELF, most likely you will dislike others, can’t forgive or have a problem with folks on GP (general principle).  LOVE is the root of ALL happiness, joyous moments, and “liked” individuals. 

To Know Me...Is To Love Me...Just Because!

In a world that is faster than the Indy 500 now, women are at the center of this whirlwind performing a juggling act: CEO, COO, CIO, "soccer mom", friend, wife, employee, you name it! "Supermom" (a.k.a. Superwoman) is at the forefront pleasing everyone but herself, with only one thing in common: STRESS.

When do you ever take time out for yourself, to pamper your self, or just stop to smell the roses? Probably never. There are 7 days in the week, and giving yourself 1 day will restore, replenish, refresh, and help eliminate stress for the betterment of SELF, mind, body, spirit, and family.

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